Hi-Rail Services

Performing Rail Maintenance From the Track

Pilbara Rail Maintenance is engaged on some of the world’s largest mining and transportation routes to maintain critical rail infrastructure. We have earned a reputation for delivering smart, safe and cost-effective results, mobilising Hi-Rail equipment and services in some of the most challenging terrain and environments.

We are proud to boast one of the largest mobile Hi-Rail fleet in Western Australia. Supported by superior brands like Liebherr and Doosan, our highly skilled and experienced operators can meet the requirements of your project.

Specialised Hi-Rail Equipment
Australia’s Safest Hi-Rail Fleet Ready To Deploy To Site

Our extensive fleet of specialist Hi-Rail machinery and civil equipment – together with our experienced operators – allows us to deliver world-class projects.

We have one of the largest fleet of bespoke Liebherr Hi-Rail equipment in Australia, including the latest model dual-purpose Hi-Rail Liebherr Excavator A922, a unique vehicle that can be used on both the road and on railway tracks. This state-of-the-art machine has been factory fitted with a range of specialist rail attachments and offers a reliable and efficient solution for railway construction and maintenance. Its superior performance allows for faster project completion and outstanding results.

Innovation At Its Finest
Superior Performance with Innovative Hi-Rail Technology

At PRM, we constantly strive for innovative solutions that drive new standards and approaches in the rail industry.

Our Doosan Excavator with custom mobile Flashbutt Welding Head attachment delivers high quality welds with speed and precision. The only Hi-Rail welder of its kind in Western Australia, this delivers transformational results on conventional track maintenance and repair work, delivering cost savings and performance uplift.

PRM’s smart track laying system involves a custom sleeper laying attachment integrated with a Hi-Rail excavator and the latest machine-controlled guidance system. Operated from any position the machine facilitates simultaneous lifting and placement of sleepers, a task previously requiring rail surveyors and multiple rail technicians – enhancing safety, precision and delivery time.

Hi-Rail Services and Expertise

Our highly experienced project management teams and extensive machinery fleet allows us to deliver projects with unparalleled attention to detail and personalised client support. We take pride in utilising specialist, top-of-the-line machinery and innovative work methodologies which not only improves safety but also challenges traditional methods and delivers greater performance.

All aspects of rail maintenance
Track renewal
Re-sleepering and rail replacement services
Turnout replacement and maintenance
Insulated rail joint fabrication and installation
Level crossing construction and maintenance
Full track construction and remediation
Structural bridge repairs and replacement
Culvert repairs and replacement
Rail adjustment activities
Track bed preparation, ballast handling, stockpiling and drainage
Drain cleaning
Drain refurbishment and re-design
The PRM Advantage

Specialist Team

Our team has decades of experience operating Hi-Rail equipment across Australia. From our Pilbara based headquarters we are dedicated to ensuring the right resources are poised and ready to keep critical networks operating at peak performance. Our commitment to safety and ongoing development is underpinned by our onsite state-of-the-art training facility and test track where our operators can practice and master complex tasks in a controlled environment.

Customised Approach

Our machinery is fitted with a range of specialist rail attachments to cater to your specific project requirements. PRM mobilise people and plant in your area of operation, finding ways to accommodate crew close to the work to let them do the job safely. We don’t outsource – we bring ingenuity, expertise and skill to address any challenge.

Project Efficiency

By using Hi-Rail excavators to their full potential and procuring the smartest and most innovative attachments from around the world, we lead the way in efficiency and value for money while also reducing risk to on-site personnel. With Hi-Rail vehicles, workers and equipment can be moved where they’re needed quickly and efficiently.

Superior Versatility

The flexibility for Hi-Rail equipment to travel on both road and track make it versatile and ideal solution for a wide range of industries and projects including construction, maintenance and transportation. Our Hi-Rail vehicles can also travel to remote locations that may not be accessible by road, making it easier to reach job sites and complete projects in challenging environments, or respectfully within the bounds of cultural agreements.

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