Rail Maintenance

Track Repair Solutions That Keep Operations Moving

With a focus on innovation, safety and efficiency, Pilbara Rail Maintenance is the trusted name in comprehensive track maintenance solutions for mining companies and network owners across Australia.

We recognise the importance of timely maintenance in ensuring the safety and optimal performance of rail infrastructure. Our commitment to excellence and adherence to industry standards guarantees our clients receive reliable, on-time services that contribute to the long-term durability and performance of their rail networks.

With our winning combination of an experienced technical team and specialised hi-rail fleet, we are equipped to handle any challenge with efficiency and precision.

Specialist Rail Maintenance Capability

Pilbara Rail Maintenance help you to identify the most appropriate track management strategy. We’ll leverage data on allowable maximum speeds and temporary speed restrictions, with consideration of previous maintenance programs to optimise sectional running times. Our ‘out on rail’ and ‘desktop’ rail management approaches leverage the latest technologies and equipment to ensure the most effective repair and construction results.

Track Renewal
Our turnkey track renewal service offers a hassle-free rail maintenance solution. We handle every aspect of the project - from bottom ballast installation to sleeper laying, rail installation, rail fastening, top ballast installation and rail welding - giving you greater control and certainty over project deliverables. We adopt smart and safe solutions that optimise efficiency and minimise risks, like our GPS sleeper laying capability and automated clip-up systems which reduce labour requirements and enhance precision.
Re-Sleepering & Rail Replacement
We can perform every aspect of re-sleepering, providing all necessary resources to ensure the successful completion of projects of any size. Collaborating closely with our clients, we tailor a cost-effective production rate that aligns with network requirements. Our expertise also extends to re-rail and turnout component change out, with our highly skilled teams carrying out these tasks daily. Leveraging state-of-the-art machinery and adhering to stringent safety protocols, we execute all rail replacement works with a lean labour approach.
We provide undercutting services using our large fleet of specialist machinery including new Liebherr Hi-Rails, Loaders, Hydrema Hi-Rail Tippers and high quality under cutting bars. Whether it’s for small spot undercutting or production plain line and turnout ballast renewal, we have a solution and the capability to deliver a project of any size.
Rail Adjustment
Trusted by prestigious tier one contractors, we have successfully de-stressed hundreds of kilometres of track in some of the harshest conditions in Australia. Our automated clipping and de-clipping attachments and multi-purpose machinery allows us to successfully complete rail adjustment works with a 20% reduction in the usual required resources, improving safety and reducing costs. Supporting our rail adjustment teams and connecting a whole rail stress management solution is our in-house VERSE testing capability, allowing us to deliver fast and accurate data to our clients when they need it.

Rail Maintenance Services & Expertise

We pride our expertise on supporting major industry to monitor network fatigue and mitigate risk, ensuring rail networks operate at peak performance. Our ongoing research and development into machinery and continual investment into the development of skilled rail technicians, is unique to the industry.

Our capability to accomplish projects efficiently, sustainably and collaboratively stems from a thorough understanding of your project’s requirements, the environment we are working within and years of ‘hands on’ hard work.

All aspects of rail maintenance
Track renewal
Re-sleepering and rail replacement services
Turnout replacement and maintenance
Insulated rail joint fabrication and installation
Level crossing construction and maintenance
Full track construction and remediation
Supply of specialist rail plant and operators Including Hi-Rail operators
Structural bridge repairs and replacement
Culvert repairs and replacement
Rail adjustment activities
Fabrication and installation of transition rails of up to 25m in length
Rail machining
The PRM Advantage

On and Off Track Performance

With a reputation solidified in the demanding heavy haul Pilbara region of Western Australia, our skilled workforce and large hi-rail fleet have has seen us challenge the status quo and identify areas for improvement to optimise rail construction and network performance.

Specialised Rail Equipment

We own the Pilbara’s largest hi-rail fleet to deliver services vital to the mining industry and the WA economy. From our headquarters, we manufacture and custom fit a range of specialist rail attachments, to deliver superior safety standards and achieve faster project completion.

Personalised Approach

PRM excels in developing tailored solutions for our clients and can mobilise machinery and house personnel close to site to meet the precise requirements of your project. We go the extra mile, bringing a wealth of innovation, expertise and skill to address any challenge.

Focus on Safety

Skilled operators and purpose-built equipment ensure that we don’t compromise on our commitment to safety. Our machinery is designed to significantly reduce manual handling in most maintenance activities which is beneficial to the health and safety of the track team.

Expert Teams

We employ a 200-person strong team in the Pilbara with decades of experience keeping trains moving to port, driving network performance and taking responsibility for infrastructure resilience across the supply chain. Extensive training at our on-site facility ensures operators stay up to date with their skills and proficiency in the latest equipment and techniques.

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